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5 Quick Tips for Amateur Photographers

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take a great picture for an announcement or invitation. Below are some quick tips to help you take a great photo that would look beautiful in one of our unique Glee Prints designs.

Rule of Thirds

Imagine that your image is divided into nine equal segments by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Try to position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect. Doing so will add balance and interest to your photo.

Balancing Elements

You don't always want your subject to be in the very center of the image. It creates a more interesting photo when the subject is not in the direct center.


Taking a picture of your baby? Get creative with your shots and get down low to their level.

Take it outside

Daytime outdoor lighting is always best. Sometimes cloudy days are the best outdoor pictures because hard shadows are softened.

Click Away!

Don't try and wait for the perfect shot. Line up your subjects and take the photo! The more the better.