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Birth Announcement Etiquette

When should I order my birth announcements and how many should I order?

Order your photo birth announcements once you have the photo you would like to use along with any special wording you would like to include. The easiest way to determine how many photo birth announcements to order is to refer to how many holiday cards you send out. If you do not send out holiday cards then you should start by making a list of the people in your life. The celebration of a new little bundle of joy is an extraordinary event, so feel free to send an announcement to anyone you wish to share that with.

The next step is to create a mailing list for your birth announcements. This will give you an accurate count of exactly how many announcements you need to order and will remove the stress of creating the list after your baby has arrived.

Don't forget, you can also order custom thank you cards at the same time as your birth announcements. You will most likely need to express your gratitude for the gifts you receive before you get a chance to send out the announcement of your baby.

When is the best time to send out birth announcements?

It's best to send your birth announcements out as soon as possible, preferably about a month after your baby's birth. But it is never too late to send them out. If it has been more then three months since the birth of your baby, you may want to consider including the birth announcement as an insert into a holiday card. At this point you could include a at birth photo and a more recent photo.

Will someone feel obligated to send a gift if I send them a birth announcement?

Absolutely not. Most parents want to send birth announcements as a way of sharing the exciting news, some feel that recipients will feel obligated to send a gift. This is definitely not the case. Although, recipients that do send a gift should receive a personalized thank you card.

What information should be included on my photo birth announcements?

Birth Weight

If you are uncomfortable with sharing the birth weight of your child due to instances of unusual birth weight then it should be left off. Although, family and friends may ask out of curiosity. There is no reason it must be included on the announcements.

Parents Names

Including the parents names depends on the desired level of formality. The names may be listed as "Mr. and Mrs. David Conner," "Cathy and David Conner," or simply "Cathy and David" on the birth announcement. The baby's birth weight and length, time of birth, place of birth, and names of siblings may be also be included.

Sibling Names

Including the names of siblings is becoming increasingly popular. If for some reason you are not comfortable including this information, don't. This is something that is not expected to be on the announcement. If you wish to include this information then you can list them after yours. "Cathy, David, Tommy and Alexa Conner" is one way to include them. Another way is to separate them, for example "Proud Parents Cathy and David, Big Brother Tommy and Big Sister Alexa." Or you can also have the siblings introduce the name addition: Big brother Tommy is proud to introduce his baby sister Olivia..."